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A new thought for pickup truck drivers. A truck with lavishly stunning design and available with a seater facility. 

Versatility runs parallel to the modern crisp car look with the Tesla Cybertruck.

Adjustable air suspension is a must. This truck provides the same. Besides, it is hard to believe but Tesla has capabled its cyber truck to carry around 1587kgs of payload efficiently.

When there is a question of picking loads, spacing availability in the car becomes a big factor.  In that respect, six people can feel it is a luxurious journey throughout.

A total of 3 drivetrain options are there in the Tesla Cybertruck

Single motor Rear Wheel Drive: Within 6.5 seconds covers about 100kmph.

Dual motor All-Wheel Drive: With 4.5 seconds covers around 100kmph.

Tri-motor AWD: Within 2.9 seconds covers 100kmph.

Determined to get the best range option! Tesla cyber truck is here: Single motor Tesla cybertruck: Approximately 400kms.

Tri-motor Tesla cybertruck: Nearly 805kms.

Fight between Ford and Tesla! Without interfering in the fight, you can enjoy towing ability of more than 6350kgs.  So a reasonable price for a high responsibility carrying truck.

Autopilot system is of immense importance for all car or truck drivers.  Along with Tesla electric cars, the Autopilot feature of cybertruck has created its craze.

Not only functionality but Tesla cybertruck has nailed its super cool looks.

So this battery-driven cyber truck has come with a new revolution.