What are the benefits of driving electric vehicles?


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1. Gas independence: With an electric car you need not worry about fueling your car. You just  need a home charger and you are good to go

2. Environment Friendly: It goes without saying that EV are eco-friendly and do not pollute environment by emitting harmful gases

3. Save money:  ELectric cars save you money on gases and cost less than gas cars to operate

4. Extended battery life:  New technology has enhanced electric car batteries life upto 12 to 15 years

5. Less maintenance cost:  You do not have to worry about regular oil changes as EV runs on batteries

6. Less inhaled emissions: Electric cars do not pollute enviroment by emitting harful gases and saves your lungs


7. Tax benefit: Owning an electric car makes you eligible for many tax benefits from state, local and fedral law

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