Types of motors used in electric vehicles.  Everything you need to know


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You must have noticed the motors used in buses, the Nissan Leaf.

They are nothing but Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. Offers high power and sinusoidal back emf.

The initial torque value of DC series motors is high. Put as many loads as you can.

Do not allow yourself to easily lose your control over the vehicle while riding.

Commutators play a crucial part in the case of all your electric vehicles. Besides, people hesitate to choose it for its high maintenance charges.

There is no usage of brushes in the case of brushless DC motors. No role of commutators.

Instead, there are negligible maintenance costs and commendable performance.

If your attention is towards the torque value of electric motors, then both DC motors and the brushless DC motors can fill well enough.

No matter where you are driving your vehicle, a three-phase induction motor can provide you with efficient services.

But surprisingly, its costs are comparatively low.

Big companies like Tesla, Tata, TVS are very impressed with the performance of electric motors like the three-phase induction motor.

Are you planning to drive or already driving a Tesla Model S?

Well, this model also incorporates a three-phase induction motor.

What are the features of Tesla Cybertruck?