Top 7 written by Kristin Hannah you need to check now



The story revolves around the union of two sisters in France during world war and is about how these two sisters surviving in a Nazi-occupied country

1. The Nightingale

A heartbreaking story of a family who can do anything for survival. The story was set during the popular Great Depression crisis of America

2. The Four Winds

The Great Alone is set in Alaska in 1974. The story is about a man and his family who moved to Alaska with his wife Cora

3. The Great Alone

The winter Garden is a story about two daughters, Meredith and Nina Whitson, and the journey to meet their mother in an unexpected way

4. Winter Garden

Home Front is a story of a couple who initially had everything a couple would dream of, a good career, bonding, family, and love

5. Home Front

The Firefly Lane is a historical fiction book that is set in Washington, America in the year 1970. The story is about two girls, Tully and Kate, childhood friends

6. Firefly Lane

Magic hours is a novel based on the story of a Psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Cates, a reputed and hardworking lady in the country

7. Magic Hours

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