Top 7 Features of the new Ford F-150 electric car


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The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Standard Range is priced at $39,974 with an electric range of 230 miles.

The type of vehicle is truck with 5 seats and BEV Fuel type at 51 miles per 30 minutes of Fast charging.

The total time taken to charge on Level 2 is 12 hr 45 minutes with 50 kW of DC fast charging rate.

The EPA Efficiency rating is 49 kWh per 100 miles

The battery size is 98kWh with 10,570 lbs/year CO2 Emissions Reductions which is similar to planting 220 Trees!

Compared to its  gasoline alternative, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Standard Range BEV will save you $87 / month on fuel

Lastly, the EV incentives are upto $10,000 in tax credits with potentially available rebates.

EVs are six to three times cheaper than gas cars now