The new plug-in hybrid EV, Ford Escape 


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The Ford Escape is a crossover with an estimated  MSRP of $24,203 with 5 seats and fuel type of PHEV.

It comes with an electric range of 37 miles and total range of 520 miles.

The Level 2 charging takes about 3 hour 30 minutes of charging with 14 kWh vehicle battery capacity.

The maximum vehicle AC intake is 4 kW and 7.7 kW of Level 2 charging rate.

It reduces upto 5,556 lbs/yr of CO2 emissions with saving of 467 gal/year.

As compared to its closest gasoline alternative, the ford can save you $34/month on fuel and $881 overall over 5 years.

The EV incentives are up to $9,337 in tax credits with potential rebates available.

EVs are six to three times cheaper than gas cars now