The new EV charger "GoHub" Introduced by ZipCharge 


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Emerging in November 2021, from COP26, a Glasgow global climate summit, ZipCharge has now introduced GoHub.

The ZipCharge Go can charge an EV at 7.2 kW with 8kWh net capacity in the larger versions.

A  driving range of 12 miles to 20 miles can be added in 30 minutes of 4kWh ZipCharge depending on the efficiency of the electric vehicle.

The larger 8 kWh unit can add a driving range of 25 to 40 miles and a requirement of discharge in an hour.

The GoHubs are based on the concept of stationary stations containing upto 10 portable Go units with a feasibility of rent for customers.

The GoHub can be flexibly reconfigured,expanded and connected together with minimal investment.

Overall,it's a promising tech with a fully modular design and integrated energy storage with Solar recharge.

EVs are six to three times cheaper than gas cars to drive