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There may be many differences between Tesla Model S and Model 3 but both resemble a unique matchup of antiqueness and modernisation.

In the race for cargo space, Tesla Model S will remain in the first position with 28 cubic feet. 

And, Tesla Model 3 covers the cargo space with 15 cubic feet.

The 17- inch touchscreen facility is what you can afford with the Tesla Model S. 

While the Tesla Model 3 can satisfy you only with a 15 - inch horizontal touchscreen.

Wow, what a surprising contrast! If you are searching for the cheapest Tesla EV, then Model 3 may become your choice.

If price is not your concern, then you can easily enjoy driving with Tesla Model S.

In terms of speed, Tesla Model 3 stands behind the other Model of Tesla i.e, Model S. 

But the performance it has promised is always in existence.

If we talk about the range of both, then 272 is the miles of the Tesla Model 3. 

While you can expect 405 miles for the Tesla Model S.

If you have around $94990, the Tesla Model S is for you. 

However, you can think of surprising your family with a Model 3 with $44990.

Both these Tesla Models have their specialities. Model for its All-wheel drive quality. While Rear Wheel drive is the speciality of the Tesla Model X.