Still not convinced to buy EV,here are the Pros.


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Lower ongoing costs: As compared to refueling a gas-fueled car,Recharging an electric car is much more affordable in the long run

Reduce carbon footprint: Non-hybrid electric cars emit zero tons of CO2 or other greenhouse gases, making them much more environmentally friendly.

Low maintenance needs: Electric cars also generally last longer than their gas-powered counterparts because of less wear and tear.

High-quality performance:  The quiet nature contributes to less Noise pollution and a comfortable ride.

More Convenient: The charging of EVs at home is a great add on,the apps also helps to locate the charging stations for you.

Some newer electric cars even have voice-enabled systems so all you have to do is ask where a charging station is and the car will lead you there.

Looking at the advantages of EVs, a rapid shift is expected in the market of buying Cars!

EVs are six times cheaper to drive than gas cars