Problem admitted by Elon Musk in production ramp of Model X- Delays delivery


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Tesla made a mistake in shutting down production of the previous version as the production ramp of the new version is having problems.

The automaker didn’t produce the Model X for about eight months as it refreshed both the Model S and Model X programs

During that time companyfocused on Model S production first.

The automaker kept taking orders for the new Model X, also known as Palladium

But Tesla already had a backlog of orders for the Model X before the refresh was unveiled.

The result is many people who placed Model X orders over a year ago are still months away from getting their cars.

Tesla is having issues with the Model X production ramp and that the automaker shouldn’t have stopped production of the old version

For new orders being placed now, Tesla expects delivery of the Plaid tri-motor version of the Model X in October 2022 and the dual-motor version in January 2023

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