No,Not in America! These cool E-Vehicles


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With a combination of environmental concerns and taxes on gasoline vehicles,Electric cars have gained popularity around the world.

There are many cool E-vehicles which are leading in America but you may be still missing out on a few! Let’s check out which one.

Honda E: Available in Europe and Asia,though positioned as a premium city car,it doesn't come with a great range, only at 35.5 kWh battery.

1. Renault Zoe: Now in its third generation,comes with a 52 kWh, 245 mile battery making it perfect for use as a family car even for long road trips.

Mercedes Benz EQC: Originally planned to be sold in North America,Merc stuck to the European market,a compact SUV with high tech looks.

Volkswagen ID.3: An electric revolution for Volkswagen,It is similar to the make and model of Volkswagen ID.4 SUV with a bit more range.

Overall,it's a promising tech with a fully modular design and integrated energy storage with Solar recharge.

EVs are six to three times cheaper than gas cars to drive