Kia EV6 electric car sales  shoot up


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In March, Kia America reported 59,524 car sales in the U.S. which is a 10.5% decrease year on year.

The South Korean manufacturer delivered 3,156 Kia EV6, after 2,125 first in February

Kia EV6, in total, has delivered 5,281 in the U.S. and expected to continue if supply allows.

In recent months, the sales of the all electric Kia Niro EV is swaying around 1000 per month.

There has been an increase of 55 percent of Kia’s overall electrified model lineup with the previous one.

A significant increase of 32 percent over the previous monthly sales record of Niro model lineup set by the model

Kia might continue to deliver a few thousand per month, as demand appears to be strong.

EVs are six times cheaper to drive than gas cars