How will be 2022 for Electric Cars?  Will it be critical?


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Booming in a depressed market, battery-powered vehicles are a plus for the climate

There is a big threat to carmakers and parts suppliers that are slow to change.

Battery-powered cars are having a breakthrough moment and will enter the mainstream this year as automakers begin selling electric versions

The proliferation of electric cars will improve air quality and help slow global warming.

The auto industry is on track to invest half a trillion dollars in the next five years

Industry experts say producing electric cars will require fewer workers because the cars have fewer components so it can lead to unemployment

Over time, battery ingredients like lithium, nickel and cobalt could become more sought after than oil.

The electric car boom is already reshaping the auto industry.

The biggest beneficiary — and the biggest threat to the established order — is Tesla.

This is figured that electric vehicles wouldn’t take off until they became as inexpensive to buy as gasoline models — a milestone that is still a few years away

How to drive electric vehicles?