How is the latest Tesla Model Y? Features, Range and price

There are 4 Top models of Tesla. And, the Tesla Model Y is the youngest model

In the year 2019, Tesla announced their new mid-size SUV called Tesla Model Y

Like all Tesla Models, Tesla Model Y comes in two basic variants: Performance and Long Range

As the model name suggest, the "Long Range Tesla Model Y" is known for it's long range of upto 326 miles

The Tesla Model Y can fire at a top speed of 135mph and in 4.8 sec can accelerate from 0-60mph

On other hand, "Tesla Model Y Performance" has a range of 303 miles per charge

The Performance Model can hit a top speed of 155mph

When it comes to acceleration, the performance model can accelerate at 0-60mph in 3.5 sec

Tesla Model Y 2021 model starts from $57,990 and 2022 Tesla Model Y starts from $58,990