Here are the most affordable EVs


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With half a dozen EVs priced at MSRP $40000,7 of them ranges from $30,000 to $35000.

The number 1 is ‘Nisaan Leaf’ priced at MSRP of $27,400 with a range of 226 miles delivering 214 horsepower

For number 2 , we have ‘Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop 2-Door’ priced at MSRP of $29,900 with a limiting range of 114 miles delivering 181 horsepower.

Number 3 position has been gained by ‘Chevrolet Bolt EV’ priced at MSRP of $ 31,500 with EPA-estimated range of 259 miles delivering 200 horsepower.

On number 4, we have ‘Mazda MX-30’ priced at MSRP of $ 33,470 with a range of 258 miles delivering 141 horsepower.

Number 6 position is bagged by ‘Hyundai Kona Electric’ priced at MSRP of $34,000 with estimated range of 100 miles delivering 201 horsepower.

Let’s come to our final one which is ‘Kia Niro EV’ priced at $39,990 with a range of 293 miles delivering 201 horsepower.

Electric cars are six times cheaper to drive than gas cars