Gear up! All new EVs are launching soon


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By the end of 2024,plenty of pure electric vehicles are set to debut giving us an increased menu of SUVs making it worth the wait.

BMWi4: 2 versions available with 335hp and rear-wheel drive,it is estimated to have a range of 300 miles.

BMW iX: With a 500 hp and two motors, it gives it the power to sprint from 0-62 mph in less than 5 seconds.

adillac Lyriq:Similar to the Cadillac XT6 SUV,the dominant feature is the 33 inch curved LED display,rear wheel drive and 100 kWh battery.

Chevrolet Equinox:Priced at $30,000,it will be based on the Ultium platform.It is said to be offered in fleet and retail versions by 2023.

Fisker Ocean: Making a comeback after a decade,priced at less than $40,000 for the sport version with front wheel drive base.

Ford F-150 Lightning:Deriving from its name,the pickup is offered in two power configurations,426 and 563 hp

EVs are six times cheaper to drive than gas cars