Fuel vs Electric: What’s cheap?


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There are many reasons when you have to make a choice between Fuel and Electric Vehicle

As per Clean Energy Canada, a number of EV were analyzed comparing their total ownership costs with their closest gasoline equivalents.

Comparing “normal” 2021 gas prices with that of Electricity,the total ownership cost was 37% less for Electric Vehicles.

Fuel saving factor: The Electric vehicle is expensive to buy as compared to gasoline alternatives,maintenance for EVs is far less than of gasoline.

Considering the skyrocketing price for fuel and the cost savings for going electric has magnified significantly to the tune of $17000 over eight years.

The more you drive,the more you save : Even if you own your vehicle for 8 years,the fuel prices may not settle

Other than fuel saving,owning an electric will give you the satisfaction of contributing to the environment.

EVs are six to three times cheaper than gas cars now