Everything you need to about Chevrolet Bolt EV


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A hatchback with BEV fuel type has DC fast charging rate of 50 kW with 28 kWh per 100 miles as per EPA Efficiency rating.

Chevrolet Bolt covers about 89 miles per 30 minutes of Fast charging with a battery size of 65 kWh.

The “skip to good part” is that it helps you save trees and reduce around 9240 lbs/year.

It takes a total 8 hr 25 mins of charging to full for Level 2 with 259 miles of electric range.

The electric emissions in Lbs are 4,760 with 741 gal/year going to 27 miles per gallon.

The EV incentives for Chevrolet Bolt is upto $2,500 in tax credits and potentially available rebates.

You can drive a distance of 167 miles with Chevrolet Bolt charged at home on a $5 fuel budget!

EVs are six to three times cheaper than gas cars to drive