Electric bikes vs Normal bikes.  Which is better?


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Design wise there is not much bigger difference. The things that make Ebikes different are battery and motor

There are different sensors available in ebikes that control speed, pedal assist, etc. Normal bike does not have

You get a display that is meant to assist you while you are riding an ebike. The display reads the battery power, assistance level etc

With an ebike you get pedal assistance from the motor which is not the case with the normal bikes

Ebikes can be ridden with full motor control without needing to pedal. Normal bikes need constant pedaling.

There are three different ways you can ride your ebike: Full-pedal, pedal assitance and full-throttle control. With normal bikes you do not get any assistance

Ebikes are perfect for hassle free long drive. You can ride in the hills easily with ebike motor assistance

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