Comparing the top two world's most affordable EVs


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Recently, a report by Zutobi listed world's top 20 most affordable EVs

As per the report, Tesla Model  Long Range (Dual Motor) grabbed the first position

On second position, Tesla Model 3 (RWD) became the world second best affordable EV

Factors like battery size, cost to charge, etc were taken into consideration to make the final list

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (Dual Motor) has 70 kWh battery size and $9.88 charging cost

While Tesla Model 3 (RWD), on second spot has 57.5 kWh battery size and $8.12 charging cost

Not to forget, the top two Tesla models in the list has 3,035 and 2,894 Miles driven Per $100

Electric cars are six times cheaper than gas cars to run