Top 7 Celebrities who own a Tesla in 2022


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Cameron Diaz: “The Holiday” star is often spotted in Los angeles with a Tesla Model S which at the price range of “only” $90,000.

Stephen Colbert: Adding to the list of owning Tesla,we have a famous comedian with Model S driving around The New York city.

Leonardo DiCaprio: One of the huge celebrity owns a Tesla Roadster with an insane price of $200,000 going from zeo to 60 in just 1.9s!

Zooey Deschanel:The “New Girl” starrer owns a black beauty  Tesla Model S for quite a long time,thanks to the growing fondness of Elon Musk.

Will Smith : Known for his car collection, he has a Tesla in fleet too with a Model S along with top end cars.

Jaden Smith: Following in his Dad’s footsteps,Jaden owns a flashier Tesla Model X with the “wings” which starts around $100,000.

Shakira: Our favorite pop star owns a hot red convertible Model S, an all wheel drive to maintain more sticky driving situations.

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