Can EV battery shortage could threaten US national security?


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Simply building and selling electric cars, or providing subsidies for the people who make and buy them, isn't enough

Electric cars need batteries the same way combustion cars need fuel -- and the metal in those batteries can be just as precious and hard to get as gas.

The United States sources about 90% of the lithium it uses from Argentina and Chile, and contributes less than 1% of global production of nickel and cobalt.

"China could shut down the world's electric vehicle transition for political reasons," said Jeffrey Wilson, research director of the Perth USAsia Centre

There is the possibility of China restricting exports of lithium hydroxide to give its domestic electric battery and vehicle manufacturers an advantage.

President Biden has called for 50% of vehicle sales to be electric by 2030, a goal that Ford and GM have echoed.

Mining experts say that the extraction and processing of battery metals has been largely overlooked.

The popularity of electric vehicles hasn't impacted how the US government treats mining, they say.

How to drive electric vehicles?