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Tesla, the company with whom legend like Elon Musk is connected, can be a target for many investors. But there are always risks with stocks

Without electric packs, electric cars are nothing. So yes, there is a doubt of the sufficient availability of electric batteries in the case of Tesla.  But have plans to improve its availability

Gigafactory, the battery factory maker takes enough time to get ready. Not a good sign

Tesla costs are high and demands several tax breaks

Yes, Tesla may be in the top position concerning electric car vehicles. But the competitive threat from Nissan Leaf and many other competitors are increasing day by day

The prices of gas are showing a declining trend. 

So the gasoline cars are in a better position than Tesla concerning quick production and low prices

Another important factor is the manufacturing capacity of Tesla for their electric cars is still something that needs enough boost

Tesla is highly dependent on every move or direction of one man: Elon Musk. So it may also be a concern for the Tesla investors in the future

No wonder Tesla has successfully grabbed a market capitalization of trillion dollars. 

But investors need to take care of the possible risks to make safe and secure investments