8 Best sci-fi audiobooks and books to read 2021

Well, the story starts with a dinner party where the time traveler himself talks about Time as a crucial dimension.

1. The Time Machine

The story calls out your love for a military officer entering into a fantasy world to solve a mysterious challenge.

2. Planetside

 This book will give you amazing thrills while reading it. The book is set in modern-day America

3. The Girl in Red

The main idea for this book is that our universe is ruled by physics, faster than light travel is not viable.

4. The Collapsing Empire

I was thrilled reading this book. The book is all about the the love and care for a daughter from her father.

5. Here and Now and Then

Thinking of settling on the Moon in the future? It’s quite interesting to look at the storyline that the author has set up for the audience.

6. Artemis by Andy Weir

The lagoon is based on the alienated world where people are finding a way to reach out to normality.

7. Lagoon

Through this book we are moving back to 2020 as a sign to reflect how sci-fi has made it into reality

8. Parable of the Sower