Best audiobooks for road trips 2022

It is one of his best books and   highly recommended audiobooks for travelers, including solo-travelers, hikers, etc

1. A Walk in the Woods

Into Thin Air depicts the true story narrated by the author’s experience of disaster caused by a deadly storm at the summit of Mt. Everest

2. Into Thin Air

narrates the story of the author’s decision of hiking 1,100-mile on the Pacific Crest Trail in the year 1995

3. Wild

If you are a traveler or want to read an exceptional book by a travel author, this audiobook could your best travel partner

4. Notes from a Small Island

The book is about the people of America and tried to question about liking of new-age Americans and many more such questions

5. Travels with Charley

In the book, the author covered his experience of traveling to these places and Blue highways meeting new people on the way

6. Blue Highways

Ghost Train to the Eastern Star is a train travel book by Paul Theroux in which he re-creates his 25,000-mile journey

7. Ghost Train to the Eastern Star

This book will help you understand how to explore local places and enjoy people around you.

8. Arabian Sands