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The Indian Lover: A Novel by Garth Murphy

If you love to explore the history of California mixed with romance and emotions, the Indian Lover book is for you.

The Indian Lover is written by the exceptional writer Gary Murphy, a historian, author, and songwriter. The book is one of the best historical fiction books that will make you fall in love with the city.

The Indian Lover

The book will excite you with the unsung story of the last days of Calfornia between 1845 to 1851 under the rule of Spain and Mexico. You will fall in love with the life of the local Indians portrayed by the Author in the book.

When people think of any history book, they feel bored. But this is not the case with The Indian lover as it is the perfect blend of history, romance, emotion, and fiction.

The story is about a young 18-year-old American seaman, Bill Marshall, who jumps ship in San Diego and falls in love with mayor’s daughter, Lugarda.

Bill and his companion Pablo (Franciscan-educated young Indian) traveled North for the shelter. They both finally settle into Indian society with Bill marrying the daughter of the local chief.

The story in the true sense is the best blend of romance, emotion, and history of America.

As quoted by Mike Doyle, the author of “Morning Glass”, The Indian Lover” should be required reading.

Another known author, Nat Young, praised the Indian Lover to be the best read with history fulfilled in fiction.

The Indian Lovern is a historical fiction novel published by Simon & Schuster in English on September 20, 2007.

About the Author:

Garth Murphy is the author of The Indian Lover and his first novel has been fifteen-year labor of love. He is a songwriter, author, and not just writer of The Indian lover but loves to read a lot of fiction. He studied in Australia and is a true San Diegan

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