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10 Best sci-fi audiobooks and books to read 2021

Find your fresh collection of the best sci-fi audiobooks if you are a science fantasy audiobooks lover, or just planning to get some top science fiction audiobooks for your next road trips.

People love listening to audiobooks these days. For some people, it is the best way to soothe their minds and enhance their knowledge database at the same time.

In this post, I will share with you the top sci-fi audiobooks recorded by some mind-blowing narrators.

It’s time to relax your hand from flipping papes of your books and get your earphones ready for some mesmerizing sci-fi audiobooks.

List of 10 best sci-fi audiobooks and books 2021

Best Sci-Fi audiobooks to read in 2021Author
The Time Machine.H.G. wells
Planetside.Michael Mammay
The Girl In Red.Christina Henry
The Collapsing Empire.John Scalzi
Here and Now and ThenMike Chen
ArtemisAndy Weir
LagoonNnedi Okorafor
Parable of the SowerOctavia Butler
Red RisingPierce Brown
The Diamond AgeNeal Stephenson

To all the science-fiction and fantasy lovers, the journey begins now:

Best sci-fi audiobooks with the summary

1. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, narrated by John Banks

The Time Machine: one of the best sci-fi audiobooks

We all dream of a time machine once in our lives. Imagine a person landing in a garden with his time machine in 802,701 AD. Isn’t it interesting? Well, the story starts with a dinner party where the time traveler himself talks about Time as a crucial dimension.

While he was working on his machine, one day he was ready to test its power. As a result, he pulled the lever and reached into a bizarre world. It has shown him the duality of human nature. Therefore, the novel tells us how they are moving from contentment to sadness in the future. John Banks narrates this story in the most interesting form. 

This is one of the most interesting sci-fi audiobooks one can ever read. People who love time travel mysteries will easily fall into this world full of dreams. So, the story continues when he meets two new grounds of anti-human characters.

The novel revolves within two stories. The first story is about the narrator reciting the story of a time traveller. The second story tells us about the journey of a time traveller himself in a strange and weird world. He met two species there – Eloi and Morlocks. It is one of the most liked novels with positive stars.

Author H.G. wells
NarratorJohn Banks
GenreScience-fiction, fantasy fiction,
PublisherFingerprint! publisher

2. Planetside by Michael Mammay, narrated by R.C. Bray

Planetside: one of the best sci-fi audiobooks

The story calls out your love for a military officer entering into a fantasy world to solve a mysterious challenge. What is that challenge about? Let’s talk more about it. This story will tell you all about space stories and planet survival incidents. The characters played a crucial role in defining the mystery for this story. Moreover, it was set up for military SF fans as it looks like some futuristic world.

The retired colonel got a call from his old friend who was in troublesome condition. The plot will lead you to think about what is going to happen. The reason why the colonel thought about some serious concerns was his semi-retirement. The initial theme of the book tells us that war heroes are not called out of the semi-retirement stage. It was a reason why Carl Butler was smelling into a deep mystery. 

His journey to unravel the truth about a distant and war-torn planet began after that call. When the colonel got to know the truth about a major conspiracy, he faced alien enemies. This led him to drop down to a hostile planet as one of the other characters was using the war zone as a cover. To read more about the mystery, you have to dive into the book. 

AuthorMichael Mammay
NarratorR.C. Bray
GenreScience fiction, thriller
PublisherHarper Voyage

3. The Girl in Red by Christina Henry, narrated by January LaVoy 

The Girl in Red : one of the best sci-fi audiobooks

Do you love reading dark, heart-wrenching stories? This book will give you amazing thrills while reading it. The book is set in modern-day America. The main character called Red lives in a small town. There is a crisis that shifts up the entire town to the quarantine camps set by the government.

It somewhat resembles the crisis that occurs after every 15-20 years. The reason for the crisis was a calf that spread the airborne disease in the entire country. The quarantine camps were filled with people to save them from the disease. Above all, Red was living with her family in the town and they decided to move to her grandmother’s town. 

There is a little twist!! Red did not like how the normal world reacted to these situations. She did not want to follow the conventional approach to solve this matter. The story may sound like the red riding hood adaptation, but it seems like you are reading a unique version.

The author has done a great job with this book. The narrator has justified the mystery and the character’s reality overall. If you love before-after transitions, this book will cover your expectations till the end. Grab a book and start experiencing the pandemic story!! 

AuthorChristina Henry
NarratorJanuary LaVoy
GenreScience fiction and fantasy

4. The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi

Do you know how physics can be turned into a fantasy novel? Yes!! It is surprising, but this book has got all that you need to grab a corner and listen to this audiobook. The narrator has tremendously justified the characters of the story. On top of that, the collapsing empire honors itself with the 2018 Locus award as the best science fiction novel.

Now you know why you should listen to this excellent and one of the best sci-fi audiobooks. So, the story starts with humanity losing away from Earth and setting up a new empire in space – interdependency. For those who love interstellar wars and their micro details, this book will take you to another land. 

The main idea for this book is that our universe is ruled by physics, faster than light travel is not viable. With the changes in the scientific imaginations, there exists a flow that is not static. Now comes the turn for three individuals – a scientist, a starship captain, and the third one is the empress of the interdependency.

They are running a race against time to unfold new mysteries of the empire. Moreover, the book is a New York Times bestselling book. John Scalzi is a popular name among science fiction writers. He is a former president of science fiction and fantasy writers in America. 

AuthorJohn Scalzi
NarratorWil Wheaton
GenreScience fiction and fantasy

5. Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen, narrated by Cary Hite 

What would you do if your loved one is suffering from a major health setback? How far would you go to save them? These are all the questions that this book will ask you while you are listening to the audiobook. The narrator will tell you this story and you might leave yourself praying for the characters to fulfill their dreams.

This is the story of a father and his daughter. I was thrilled by this book from the first word till the last. One thing I liked the most about the book is the love and care for a daughter from her father.

 Kin Stewart was a time-traveling agent for a bureau, but he got a cut off from the services. The reason was a mission that went wrong by his side. Now, the story moves along with his past life and his future life in 2142. It means that he had to struggle a lot keeping up with both the lives by living with his family.

He had a unique relationship with his daughter – Miranda. A weird incident caused her daughter to get stuck in the middle of a dangerous situation. Although he was suffering from some blackouts and memory loss incidents, he was determined to save his daughter’s life by all means. What happens next? Get the book and listen to this amazing story by Mike Chen. 

AuthorMike Chen
NarratorCary Hite
GenreScience Fiction and fantasy

6. Artemis by Andy Weir

Thinking of settling on the Moon in the future? Well, Jazz Bashara lived in the Artemis, the first and foremost city on the Moon. It’s quite interesting to look at the storyline that the author has set up for the audience. I was quite impressed by the fact that one could think of a city on the Moon.

It was a fresh idea that got me to listen to the audiobook. The structure of the novel stands for the protagonist where she is stuck in the middle of a criminal ground. We all want to earn lots of money to pay our dues, but not like this. Jazz accepted the offer to commit a crime just to make the incentives reach her pocket. Some incidents of the book are best to keep in suspense. 

The narrator has given a perfect voice to all the characters. Every bit of the scene visualizes in my mind when the narrator moves on with the story.

What else do we want? A dynamic ending. It’s there!! Check out the book. You might find something is missing in the book. Listen to it and tell us in the comments!! 

AuthorAndy Weir
NarratorRosario Dawson
PublisherDel Rey
GenreScience Fiction and Fantasy

7. Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor

Lagoon: one of the best sci-fi audiobooks

What if you are chilling in a bar beach and an oceanic layer takes you to the world of aliens? What happens next is a fantasy that you can get in this book. The lagoon is based on the alienated world where people are finding a way to reach out to normality. The story has four main characters. 

Adaora – Marine Biologist. 

Anthony – Famous rapper in Africa. 

Agu –  The troubled soldier. 

The location is Bar Beach where these three people wandered in search of a meaningful evening. Suddenly, a meteorological incident happens and the trio’s lives get interconnected. As a result, it gets tough to understand the situation. 

A star falls from the sky. A woman rises from the sea. 

When they met Ayodele – a unique visitor who came from beyond the stars, they start planning to save the city. They race against time itself to protect Lagos, Nigeria’s legendary mega-city. To know more about the story, read one of the best sci-fi audiobooks comment on how you liked it!! 

Was there anything interesting that I missed out on? 

AuthorNnedi Okorafor
NarratorAdjoa Andoh, Ben Onwukwe
PublisherGallery / Saga Press
GenreScience fiction and fantasy

8. Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler, narrated by Lynne Thigpen 

Let us go back to 2020!! How? Well, through this book we are moving back to 2020 as a sign to reflect how sci-fi has made it into reality. Somehow, there was a crisis in the previous year that led the world to stop right in the middle.

The story is set in dystopian America – California; however, we are not saying that this story is set in this year but the story starts right from the early 2020s. A girl whose name is Lauren, the oldest child of a minister. Her father is a preacher for their community. They follow anarchy to rule over their audience. It tells us how crucial her feeling is to change the thought process of her society. 

She believes that her society is going to suffer a lot through the social chaos spread in the early period. She has a clear aim to protect her loved ones from the upcoming disasters.

Lauren realized that she is suffering from hyper empathy to cure the mishappenings in other’s lives. Earthseed is the new belief system developed by Lauren. The author is honored by numerous awards as an African-American woman. She won the Nebula award for the sequel of this book “Parable of the Talents”. 

AuthorOctavia Butler
NarratorLynne Thigpen
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreScience fiction and Fantasy

9. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Imagine living on Mars in the future when the earth is no longer a space to live for human beings! Bringing you another terrific sci-fi thriller by Pierce Brown where Darrow, a red miner wants to change the world where higher authorities rule like they always do. Wait!! Let’s read more about these red miners and how they connected to this story. The book tells us about future life on Mars. It tells us how humanity divides itself into different castes. 

The arrogant Golds as the highest caste. Greys provide security in society. The pink class offers pleasure services to different castes. Lastly, Reds are the lowest one. It is further divided into high Reds and Low Reds. High reds are menial laborers in the city whereas the lower Reds are miners. 

Coming back to Darrow, a Red miner aims to steal the laurels from Golds. If you have heard of Hunger Games, that is what somehow portrays Red Rising. The story sticks with what it has to offer to the audience.

It is interesting to look at the classification of casts based on colors and the authority of hold. You have to wait for tiny surprises that this book has given with the narrator – Tim Gerard Reynolds. 

AuthorPierce Brown
PublisherHodder Paperbacks
GenreScience-fiction, Fantasy

10. The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, narrated by Jennifer Wiltsie

What if I tell you that you have the grandest power in your hands to remodel the future? Yes, it is true. If Nell, an orphan child can have the power to destroy the past of humans with an illustrated primer, then we all can have our dreamy world full of scientific powers.

The story tells us about the cyberpunk concept mixing humanity concerns with a supercomputer era. The story has interesting characters such as John Percival Hackworth and Nell. These two main characters tell us how the world is moving in a fast-forward manner. 

Heckworth tried to step up his daughter’s skills by producing an interactive device “Young lady’s illustrated primer”. Unfortunately, It falls out into Nell’s nest. How? The story has another crucial character by which the story started. It was Nell’s brother and his gang who changed the life of Nell and John. Surprisingly, the device was itself an illegal copy.

Nell did not know how her life was going to be changed after this incident. But what was special about this device? It was connected to nanotechnology. The features would make Heckworth’s daughter capable of doing everything on her own. The story has lots of twists and turns in the second half. It is another piece of the best sci-fi audiobooks collection that you must read for the scientific imaginations.

AuthorNeal Stephenson
NarratorJennifer Wiltsie
PublisherSpectra Books
GenreScience, Fiction, Fantasy

Which one would you choose from the list of best sci-fi audiobooks?

The magical powers of the best sci-fi audiobooks are what we want to look into while reading each one of them. These are the best Sci-fi audiobooks that come in a must-read books list. Undoubtedly, every novel follows a different story while plotting all the characters. I wonder how an author thinks about the world while writing these brilliant pieces. These books are found in one of the best fantasy fiction categories.