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6 Best fantasy fiction books of all time 2021

Your wait is over! Here comes the list of best fantasy fiction books of all time to read once in a lifetime.

The list is the collection of bestselling fantasy fiction books and organized randomly.

Books listed below are collected based on reviews of readers and their feedbacks from websites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc.

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So, let us get started with the list of best fantasy fiction reads.

List of Best fantasy fiction books of all time

1. Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince is a book authored by French aristocrat, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which was sold over 140 million copies worldwide.

Thes story of the book revolves around a strong message that says we value things when we lose it. This book is written in the memory of the author’s friend.

Petit Prince is a character in the book who was too young to understand the meaning of love and life. He used to travel the different planets to discover love and friendship. This book might look to you as a children’s book but it holds the same importance to adult readers who want to discover their inner child.

This book is true gem teaching you the importance of love, friendships, life, and different emotions. A must-read book for fantasy fiction book lovers.

Le Petit Prince was first published in French and English in 1943 and further translated into 361 different languages.

The book is available on Amazon in different formats like Audiobook, Kindle edition, and hardcover. You can find the details of the book in the table below and links to purchase are below in the buy buttons.

Book details:

AuthorAntoine de Saint-Exupéry
First Published1943
Copies Sold140 million
GenreFantasy Fiction
PublisherReynal & Hitchcock (U.S.)
Gallimard (France) rating4.8/5

2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: One of the best fantasy fiction books of all time

The list is incomplete without this true gold written by most popular author J.K Rowling. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first book from the Harry Potter series and is the most sold book in the fantasy book history.

The book is sold over 120 million copies around the world making it the best selling book of all time in history.

The story, characters, plot, and narration by the author is out of the world. The level of imagination and storytelling poured into the book is in a true sense out of the box.

The story is about a boy named Harry Potter who lived with his Uncle and Aunt. He used to be bullied by his cousin Dudley who also lived with him in the same house. Harry was served with leftover food and allowed to wear only old clothes. He was born with a special power who later joined a witch school at Hogwarts to hone his magical skills.

A strongly recommended book who wants to read a piece of exceptional storytelling and fantasy fiction.

Below is the detail of the book with purchase links in the buttons.

Book details:

AuthorJ. K. Rowling
First Published1998
Copies Sold120 million
GenreFantasy Fiction
PublisherBloomsbury rating4.8/5

3. The Wheel of Time

best fantasy fiction books

James Oliver Rigney (pen name, Robert Jordan) is the author of this high fantasy series novel, The Wheel of Time. The books have a large cast of characters and well developed and plotted for a complete fantasy journey.

The Wheel of Time series has sold more than 80 million copies and nominated for Hugo Award becoming one of the internationally bestselling series.

The book covers the story of ancient mythology referencing modern Earth History. The series takes place at the end of the “Third Age” time period covering the story of a man destined to save the world.

The book was published in the year 1990 in the United State of America by Tor Books publication under the fantasy genre.

Book details:

AuthorRobert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
First Published1990
Copies Sold80 million
GenreFantasy Fiction
PublisherTor Books (US)
Orbit Books (UK) rating

4. Watership Down by Richard Adams

Watership Down is a fantasy adventure and survival novel set in England about the story of a group of rabbits. The story in the book is inspired by the story that Richard told his young daughters while on a car journey.

This book is not only for children but highly recommended by many to adults as well. The book is well-written teaching you the lesson about life mix with human emotions, adventure, humor, etc.

The book was first published by Collings after being rejected by several publishers. Richard wrote the next sequel ” Tales from Watership Down” after almost 25 years later in the year 1996.

The book won Carnegie Medal (UK), the annual Guardian Prize, and many other awards. The novel became so popular that an animated movie was made on the story of the book in the year 1978.

Book details:

AuthorRichard Adams
Copies SoldNA
GenreFantasy Fiction
PublisherRex Collings rating

5. The Magicians

best fantasy fiction books

The Magicians is novel and series by American Author Lev Grossman. This is a fantastic piece of storytelling and narration that will excite you with loads of surprises, quest, and is more than just fantasy.

You will get the flavors of many popular reads from books like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Alice, and Wonderland under the roof.

Quentin Makepeace Coldwater is the main character, a high school student who was fond of reading a series of books about a magical land known as Fillory.  It’s the story of a boy becoming a man and a parted land finally becoming whole.

This is highly recommended to read the complete series without which you will miss the actual wonder of the narration in the series. The other two books in the series are The Magician King, in 2011 and a third novel, The Magician’s Land, in 2014.

In the year 2015, the series was adopted in a TV series premiered on Syfy. In the year 2010, the book won Alex Award for best books appealing to young adults.

Book details:

AuthorLev Grossman
GenreContemporary fantasy
High fantasy
Penguin Books rating3.6/5

6. The Blade Itself

The Blade Itself is a masterpiece by Joe Abercrombie from his trilogy called The First Law, depicting the story of an infamous philosophical Barbarian, Logen Ninefingers. He was a warrior who used to kill whoever comes across his way brutally. On the other side being a cruel warrior he was wise with a golden heart.

The book has strong characters’ influence in the story and is unique in themselves in terms of their role, history, and secrets. Once you will read this book you can feel the different character influence in the story with lots of twists and turns.

The Blade Itself is the first book from The First Law trilogy. The other two books are called:

  • Before They Are Hanged
  • Last Argument of Kings

Book details:

AuthorJoe Abercrombie
PublisherGollancz (UK)
Orbit Books (US) rating4.4/5

Takeaway from this list of fantasy fiction books of all time

I hope you found the list of best fantasy fiction books useful and soon going to populate your personal library with these books.

These books are real gems in terms of narration, plotting, characters, and are enough to take your imagination level to some other world.

The list was made keeping in mind the interest of fantasy lovers and was created based on the reviews of readers on the internet.

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