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About BFB

The Best Fiction Book or in short BFB is a platform to review and list the best collection of books in the different fiction genres.

Here readers can find the list of best fiction books under categories like fantasy, adventure, horror, mystery, sci-fi, romance, and suspense.

Apart from these lists, readers can get the list of best fiction books of the year, editor’s choice books, most positive reviewed books, a list of best-selling books of all time, etc.

Why this website exists?

Books lovers often look for the best possible books to add to their bookshelf but some time due to lack of proper review they sometimes fail to purchase the best book available in the market.

Some readers when buying a book get in a dilemma about what to buy, and often end up buying a book that they regret later, particularly when the book is newly launched or written by a new author.

This website’s mission is to help the readers with the best possible reviews, let it be the review of the content of the book, the author’s review, or the response of the readers who already read the book.

Being the founder of this BFB, I promise to you to bring you the best possible books for you to read. So, that money and time you spend reading any new book must be worth it.

I felt the gap between a proper review and a collection of the best reads when I myself was looking for the reviews of a book before purchasing. I felt most website reviews are biased and have only selling intent without any strong reason to purchase the book they are listing.

Therefore the idea clicked about reviewing the collection of the best books under different genres and list them through articles on the website. So, that readers do not always have to switch to different websites and pages to get more information about the book they want to buy.

This platform will help you get the best idea and information before you decide to purchase your next books. I am thankful to all the readers who trusted this platform and shown their love. Keep reading, Keep Shining!

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